Thursday, April 2, 2015

DOMO News Update - 4/1/15

Good news to those waiting impatiently for the Dancer class! The following was announced on DOMO's Facebook page today:
Now that April Fools is out of the way, we have MAJOR news!
DOMO will be receiving it's first major update TOMORROW after maintenance!
What are players in store for? Some much hyped updates are coming your way:
-Dancer class will be available!
-Quests in Foggy Forest and Blakatoa peak will be available and the Arena will be open again.
-We'll also have NEW items added to the Cash Shop once the new patch is live!
Along with the release of the new patch, we'll have another event calendar up where you can participate in GM hosted events with more chances to win prizes!
 We can only hope this first patch will also include a fix to the ever annoying chat bug.

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