Saturday, March 21, 2015

DOMO News Update - 3/21/15

Open Beta has kicked off this past Friday! Aside from a profanity filter that has a very strange definition of what constitutes profanity, and a chat box that eats the right side of your sentences, this Open Beta has - so far - gone off without many issues at all. The GM's have done a great job staying in touch with the community during the first few hours of launch to help point people in the right direction for getting their Closed Beta rewards. Big thank you to the GM's for making this a very smooth Open Beta launch!

The item mall has also launched with the Open Beta (though not the web mall yet), and has led to some complaints by players over the prices. Reskills/restats, pet tokens, wedding rings, hair dyes, upgrade books - all seem to be priced dramatically higher than necessary. There is an official item mall prices feedback thread made by Pepsimancer located here. There also seems to be no permanent costumes available yet, but the GM's have confirmed that there will indeed be permanent costumes available at a later date.

Only a little over 24 hours after launch we already have a few couples married, almost 20 guilds made, and hundreds of metal eggs in circulation! Big thanks to Suba Games again for bringing this game back!

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