Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Pet Costume Photoshop Project - Lily Costume (Sylph Version)

Lily Costume (Sylph Version)
Base Costume Used: Wild Girl
Additional Costumes Used: Black Bodice for the arm part of the gloves and stockings, Maid for the bow on the back (recolored red - Shura version), and bows on the headdress, Traditional Orchid for the top (recolored and styled to match the rest of the outfit), Nicole's Horns.
Comments: For this one I wanted to stick as close to the original Evo3 Lily as possible. The top was the most challenging part because there really isn't a costume with an exact match to the Evo3 Lily's top. I chose to go with the Orchid top, and adding the stripes was quite the challenge, but I'm pleased with the end result. I also had to use the Shura Maid's bow for this as well because the Sylph Maid's bow was too small.

Pepsimancer's version of the Sylph Lily Costume can be found here.

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