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General Info

Dream of Mirror Online (DOMO) is unlike almost any other MMORPG out there. It is primarily a social MMO, focusing on partying and relationship-building rather than raiding or large-scale pvp like many MMO’s are today. It is also unique in that you can be all of the classes on just one character (rather than having to make several different characters to try out each class).

All players start out as a Commoner. At level 10 you can unlock almost all of the other classes/jobs by doing a separate quest for each one. Once a job is unlocked, you can switch to it at any time by visiting the Careers Advisor NPC located in any city (he is located in the Dojo in Eversun City, which is the starting city for everyone).

When you unlock multiple jobs and start leveling them up, you can do what is called subbing. Subbing allows you to use skills and abilities from one job on another job. You can sub up to two active and two passive skill trees from your available classes (up to three of each on the Commoner class). A good class to level up for subbing is Doctor.

Starting the Game

There are four different races in DOMO, each with a different look and slightly different stats. The stats really don’t make a big difference at all in this game like they do in some games. A big beefy male Shura can be just as good at being a Wizard or Shaman as the intelligent Sylphs can. Pick whatever race you think looks the best because honestly that is all the races affect. If you want to see the different hair/face combinations for each race/gender, check out this page.

Also don’t get discouraged by the lack of hair color options, there are over 30 different hair dyes available for purchase in game! I also have a hair color chart located here.

When you make your character and log into the game for the first time, you will be shown a cutscene introducing you to the Mirror World and be dropped into the tutorial. Each race has a different tutorial, but they are all pretty much the same in some aspects. You will have to kill at least 5 Pupus and at least 5 Flying Pupus and collect their drops. You can kill a maximum of 24 of each before they stop spawning.

Something useful to know is that this game does have an auto-looting system. All you have to do is join a party and have the leader set the loot rules to automatically distributing in team order (the middle green button – the text is cut off so it’s hard to see what is what). This makes it so all of your loot you get goes straight into your inventory! Convenient right?

When you finish the tutorial, you’ll have to talk to the Chasm King (that creepy guy who talked to you in that cutscene – get used to him btw he will keep stalking you as you level up) and he’ll teach you how to catch an eggsploiter. An eggsploiter is one of several types of pets in DOMO (for more information about pets, see my guide). Just follow his instructions and you’ll have caught yourself a cute little piggy (which he then steals from you…) and he’ll give you a portal penny which will allow you to teleport back to your home city (defaulted to Eversun City). After that just talk to the teleporter and head to the Summoning Pool where you’ll join the rest of the us in the wonderful world of DOMO!

Basic Control Info

You can use either click to move or WASD to move in this game. To activate WASD though, you will need to go into the options (CTRL+N) and go into the Control tab and click the box that says “ASWD Movement”. This will make it so you will need to press Enter to type in the chat box, but it will allow you to use WASD instead of the arrow keys or the mouse button.

If you wish to interact with other players, you can right click them to bring up a menu. From there you can whisper, trade, invite to party, duel, add to friends, add to guild (if applicable), add to blacklist, or view their equipment and/or stats (a.k.a. peep someone – this only works if they have it turned on in their options).

Interface Info

Underneath the chatbox you will find a window that looks like this:

A. This is where you can type in someone’s name to whisper them (or click it to bring up a list of people who you have previously whispered – or people who have whispered you).
B. Click this button to remove the selected player’s name from your whisper list.
C. Click this menu to select a chat channel to speak in.
D. Flag System button. More on this below.
E. This button expands/collapses the chat window.
F. This tells you what chat channel you are currently speaking in.
G. Text box.

The menu buttons are located on the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

A. This area shows the in-game date and time.
B. This button lets you lock the menu buttons so they don't minimize on their own.
C. Shows your connection quality.
D. Status Window – Click to open your character sheet to view and level up stats and skills.
E. Equipment – Click to view or unequip currently equipped items.
F. Items/Inventory – This is your bag, put your stuff here. Click to view your inventory.
G. Map – This literally turns on/off your minimap. Just try not to click it unless you like not seeing where you’re going. There are buttons on your minimap for turning on the big zone map (or you can press CTRL+M.
H. Hotbars – Click this to toggle your hotbars on/off. You can have up to three hotbars.
I. Actions – These are your emotes. Sadly there is no dance emote.
J. Cash Shop – This is where you can spend real life money on the game on cool stuff. You can also preview costumes here.
K. Messenger – Add/remove friends here and talk to people. You can double click their name to bring up the messenger window, or right click them to bring up the normal menu and whisper them from there (or add them to party).
L. Skills – Here you can use everyday skills such as flying, upgrading weapons, alchemy, or find any class skills you have equipped. You can also change the level of them from here (useful when subbing high level jobs on a low level).
M. Journal – See all your current quests. You can click the magnifying glass icon to bring up a quest tracker. You can also click the numbers below the quest info to auto-walk to the destination if available. The four buttons on the bottom left will give you a 50% exp bonus when clicked for a short time (they have a really long cooldown though).
N. Pets – This brings up the pet window so you can view/summon your pets. You can have up to five pets on you at a time.
O. Guild – If you decide to join a guild, you can view the guild info here.
P. Options – Click here to change game settings such as graphics quality, resolution, movement, chat filters, etc.
Q. Click this button to minimize the menu buttons.

The Flag System

The Flag System is a way for players to find team members. It is somewhat similar to a duty finder, except it doesn’t teleport you to wherever you’re trying to party at. Typically players will “flag” themselves for AoE parties. For more information on when and where to do AoE parties (and how to do AoE parties in general), please see my Guide to AoE Parties.

A. Click here to tell players you want to team up for something (this brings up the submenu shown below).
B. Click this button to edit your P.S. which is a message telling players specifics about what you are looking for (or if you are subbing a particular class – such as a Dancer subbing Musician, or a Thief subbing Mercenary).
C. This button is used for if you are looking for another team member. It will bring up a window where you can choose the desired race, gender, job, and level range of the member you want. Leave the race/gender/job options at default though. Keep in mind you can only share exp with players less than 10 levels lower/higher than you.
D. This drop-down menu changes the options for what you see when you search for players. You will always view their name, level, and what they chose as “can be” and “purpose” if anything, but you can also choose to view their job, guild, gender, race, or their P.S.
E. This is where the list of players will show up when you search for team members.

A. When you “flag” yourself, you can choose a job/position you would like to fill in a party. These options are pretty self-explanatory, though Beater is what is normally known as DPS/AoE, and Supplier is the Healer. You can choose multiple options or none it really doesn’t matter since most people go by what your class is (or what your P.S. says).
B. You can check one of these buttons to tell people you wish to “practice” or “quest”. Most people leave this option blank as well.
C. This box is where you can type your P.S. Sadly many people do not read this either, but you should still use it if needed.
D. Click Confirm to “flag” yourself and wait for someone to invite you to a party, or click Cancel to not do that.

Parting Words of Wisdom

Utilize things like the wiki, the forums, this blog, and other guides to learn more about the game. You can also always just ask someone in game if you have any questions. Joining a guild is also a good way to find people willing to show you the ropes.

Like I stated above, this game is very social. Having a good attitude and a positive outlook can go a long way towards making friends in this game. If you’re not into making friends or being social, frankly this game probably isn’t for you.

Try to keep in mind there is no “right” or “wrong” way to enjoy DOMO. Just have fun!

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