Costume Designs & Recolors

I thought I'd post my costume recolors/designs from the costume design contest Suba did forever ago on here in one place in case anyone wanted to take a look. A couple of these designs did win, though we have yet to see any of the winners made into actual costumes as promised (hopefully they haven't forgotten about it). I'm still working on the pet costume project, and I may do some other costume edits in the future as well just for fun.

Arctic Barbarian Male

 Arctic Barbarian Female

Black Alice I

Black Alice II

Black Wonderland

 Black Holy Robe Male

 Black Holy Robe Female

 Black Tuxedo

Pink Bodice (Ballerina)

 Blue Playful Bunny

Purple Playful Bunny

 Blue Vestiments

 Dark Bad Wolf

 Demon Hunter Female (winner)

 Demon Hunter Male (winner)

Big Bad Wolf Female

 Golden Seth

Huntress (winner) 

 Mad Hatter

 Purple Schoolboy

 Purple Schoolgirl

 Red Schoolboy

 Red Schoolgirl

 Tabby Kitty

White Cat


 White Holy Robe Male

 White Holy Robe Female

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