Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Item Preview - Barber Shop Tickets

New item mall items were added today called "Ticket to Hair-Style Change" or as I am calling Barber Shop Tickets (since the actual name sounds like a bad translation and Barber Shop Tickets sound cooler). I'm going to explain what exactly these items do and give you all previews of what they look like.

The Barber Shop Tickets are located in the Cosmetics and Fireworks section of the in-game item mall. They are currently sold in 7-day and 30-day versions and are basically a transformation box for your hair. No joke. When used they transform your hair into a different hairstyle for up to 5 hours. They do stack with the racial transformations, and unlike the racial transformations, you CAN change jobs while your hair is "transformed".

Currently there are 9 different hairstyles to choose from - the 6 starter hairstyles available in the character creator, plus 3 more new hairstyles (which I will post screenshots below of those - they are different for both genders). If you'd like to look at screenshots of the starter hairstyles, please visit my Faces and Hairstyles page. The starter hairstyles are labeled as "basic" and the 3 new hairstyles are labeled as "special".

When used, the item does stay in your inventory (it really is just like a racial transformation box for your hair), and it is not tradeable after you use it once because the timer starts up. You can right click the buff it gives you to get rid of it (just like you can with racial transformations). You must remove the buff before trying to use a different Barber Shop Ticket.

The hairstyles seem to be the same across all races, but do differ by genders, so I had my bff Knives help me out with the male version screenshots.

Special Hairstyle #1

Special Hairstyle #2

Special Hairstyle #3

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

State of the Blog 3/15/16

I'm really back this time guys.

I got a new laptop, reinstalled DOMO (coming back after a long break playing WoW and other games), got some new perms and pets to keep me invested a bit longer, and even made a new alt to play when I get bored with my main. I'm hoping I'll be sticking around a while this time (at least until Legion comes out in the fall...then my loyalties will be divided).

I also installed Photoshop and puush on my new laptop, so I'll hopefully be getting around to doing some more costume edits in the near future (if I can motivate myself to do something other than playing video games...or painting...).

So sorry for the blog kinda dying there for several months, believe me that was not the plan. I'm looking into maybe adding some more authors to help me maintain the blog and offer up some fresh ideas and whatnot, so hopefully this blog will be alive and kicking again soon.

I promise I'll post something cool soon ("soon" being a subjective term, but hopefully in the next week or so).

Kirbychu (your for-real-this-time-alive-and-kicking-DOMO-addict)