Friday, January 5, 2018

Pet Costume Photoshop Project - Lily Costume (Human Version)

Lily Costume (Human Version)
Base Costume Used: Wild Girl
Additional Costumes Used: White Bodice for arms and legs, Maid for bow on back and in hair, Traditional Orchid for body (recolored and styled to match), Fairy Horns.
Comments: For the human's version, I wanted it to look more like the Evo2 Lily rather than sticking with the Evo3 like with Sylph and Shura. To do this, I had the challenge of creating her dress which I did by taking the Traditional Orchid and completely recoloring it to match the Wild Girl gloves and boots, and also hand "painting" the tiger stripes. I once again decided to use the Shura's Maid bow for the back because it is by far the biggest of the bows and looks best for a Lily reproduction. I toyed around with using the "sleeves" of the Playful Bunny costume to make this one seem more true to the original Evo2, but decided to stick with keeping the original Wild Girl gloves instead.

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