Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Pet Costume Photoshop Project - Introduction

With the conclusion of the Costume Alteration Contest, it has left me wanting to do more fun Photoshop alterations. I've decided to start another project just for fun and I thought I'd share my creations with my readers. For this project I will be creating pet-themed costumes by compiling existing costumes using Photoshop. My plan is to eventually have each of the 6 main pets represented (original for now) - Ruby, Sapphire, Metal, Rock, Jade, and of course Lily.

Props n credit n such goes to Pepsimancer for inspiring this idea with her Lily submission, as well as Miradora/Lanniang for her costume screenshots.

I'll be posting these as I make them. Each pet costume will consist of each of the 4 races and both genders (except Lily/Jade which will be female/male only respectively). Once I'm finished with all of the original versions, I may consider working on the SE versions as well.

Hope you guys enjoy these as much as I enjoy making them!

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