Friday, March 6, 2015

DOMO Closed Beta Extended - Open Beta Delayed

The Open Beta release for DOMO has been delayed to allow time for a game-breaking glitch to be addressed. Closed Beta has been extended for an as yet undetermined amount of time until this issue is fixed.

The official announcement made by GMZenDragoon can be found here:

While I am as anxious as the rest of you to play DOMO (where it wont be wiped), I am glad they are taking this glitch seriously. If this glitch was allowed to continue into Open Beta, it would ruin the game, the economy, and the community as a result.

The aforementioned glitch, for those who don't already know, allows the exploiter to have infinite guild fame, personal fame, and gold (as well as any other rewards obtained from either Eversun or Darkdale Elders). As you can imagine, for a person (and by extension, guild) to have this glitch to exploit at will, would absolutely kill this game right at the beginning. I wont go into details in how to replicate the bug, as we have enough people exploiting it already.

The Suba Games staff and the developers over at Softstar are working diligently to make sure this issue is resolved so that we can transition smoothly into Open Beta as quickly as possible. Stay tuned for more news and the official Open Beta release date (once it's announced)!

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