Sunday, April 19, 2015

Hair Dye Compilation Project

I'd like to start on a new project - similar to what I did with the skin tone comparison - and I need your help! I'm looking for avatars featuring any cash shop hair colors. What my goal is is to get all of the available colors (all 30 of them) and put the avatars in a side-by-side view with the hair dye number next to it for easy viewing. Basically this is taking Mrs. Magic-Eye to the next level. She lets you see what it will look like in game, but I want to show people what it will look like on your avatar.

If you have any cash shop hair color (meaning any color that is not the original 1-6) and you would like to contribute to this project, please do the following:
  1. Take a screenshot of your avatar or your character status window (press Ctrl+A and either take a regular screenshot or use puush to take a screenshot of just your avatar - but be sure not to crop too close if you decide to use puush).
  2. Email me your screenshot or saved puush file and tell me what number hair dye it is (must be number, don't just tell me the color).
If I get screenshots from more than one person of the same color, I will use the one I obtained first, so don't be surprised/upset if you don't see your avatar on the final project.

Please email all submissions to


Hair Dyes I Still Need

#1 Auburn
#2 Pine Green
#3 Pumpkin
#4 Maroon
#5 Ultramarine
#6 Plum
#7 Ghost
#8 Chocolate
#9 Cotton Candy
#10 Turquoise
#11 Vivid Green
#12 Light Blue
#13 Teal Green
#14 Bright Purple
#15 Bright Pink
#16 Violet
#17 Deep Purple
#18 Golden Yellow
#19 Orange Yellow
#20 Yellow Green
#21 Straw
#22 Bright Red
#23 Blood Red
#24 Bright Green
#25 Inky Green
#26 Sea Blue
#27 Deep Blue
#28 Rose Pink
#29 Blue-Green
#30 Gray Blue


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  1. Hello I want to color my hair but every color does not suits my hair as its hurts my hair. So, can you please tell me Cool Hair Colors so that it become easier for me to choose right one. Thank you!