Friday, February 13, 2015

More DOMO Signatures

I made these a while back and neglected to post them when I did, so I figured I'd share them now. They're not very good (part of the reason I was hesitant to even post them), and was just something I threw together one day when I was bored. I made a signature for each of the classes - taking the class screenshots from the wiki (this was before they released the fan kit) and made backgrounds I thought fit with each class. I used to also have a little blurb thing about each class - what weapon/armor it used and a stupid short saying describing each...but it was really I deleted that part lol. They're a little plain now because I took that off, but they at least look a bit less stupid.

If you want me to alter any of them to add things like character name or whatever, send me a PM on the DOMO forums (my forum name is Kirbychu) and let me know which one you want and what you want on there and I'll do it for you.

Hope you enjoy these, if not I don't really care because I know they are terrible lol. By the way, these should all work on the Suba forums. Click the pictures to enlarge them (and to save).

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