Friday, February 13, 2015

Closed Beta Screenshot Contest

I am holding a screenshot contest for the duration of DOMO's Closed Beta!


Because I can! Also because I feel like someone should. I'll be sharing this on the DOMO forum as well, but I'm giving my blog readers a heads up first - feel special (or else)!

What Does the Winner Get?

The winner will receive to-be-mentioned rewards once the game goes live. Basically I will have some Suba Points and I will spend some on you. $10 limit because I'm not made of money. Hopefully there's actually useful things in the cash shop soon after it opens...

Also the winning screenshot will be posted as March's DOMO Picture of the Month!


  1. Really there aren't any?
  2. Just kidding...there are a few...
  3. Submit as many screenshots as you want - there is no limit (okay maybe like 100 because I don't wanna spend all day looking through a million screenshots).
  4. The event starts when Closed Beta starts (2/13 at 5pm PST), and ends when Closed Beta ends (in approx. 3 weeks).
  5. Try to keep it PG rating in your screenshots...
  6. Only screenshots taken in CB will be eligible.

How to Submit a Screenshot

You can upload the screenshot to a photo-hosting website (like photobucket) and give me the link either via the comment section below, a PM on the Suba forum (my forum name is Kirbychu), or you can email it to me at

I look forward to seeing some awesome screenshots!

1 comment:

  1. Any submissions sent after 7PM today are ineligible. Going through all submissions now to pick the winner(s). Thanks to all who submitted!