Saturday, January 31, 2015

Faces & Hairstyles Compilation Part 2 - Male Sylph

Trying something different for these - rather than taking the screenshots of the character itself in-game (and therefore being subjected to night-time screens that need to be retaken), I decided to take the screenshots in the character creator itself. I still have to actually make the character and log in to get the avatar picture, but at least this way the rest of the screenshots will be somewhat uniform. I do plan on going back and changing the female Sylph one to match this as well.

Screenshots were taken using puush and were compiled using Photoshop CS5. The font used is called Adventure and was taken from I used the #3 skin tone for all of these characters.

Click the images below for the larger image (and to save).

Feel free to save these images for you own use, and please credit me if you post them somewhere else.

Stay tuned for Part 3: Female Human!

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