Saturday, January 17, 2015

DOMO Signature

I recently made a signature for the DOMO forums, realizing only afterwards that I had made it too big. I will be re-doing the signature itself at some point, but I thought I'd share the original here. I do plan on taking signature requests once the game is live - I will be posting requirements for such when the game is actually released.

Here is the first draft of my signature - the final one will be smaller, since Suba Games has a very restricting maximum image size for signatures. I had all the character info be "unavailable" because the game is technically not out yet - I thought it was clever. As soon as the game is released I would change it to include things like character name, guild name, server name, main class levels, etc. and also include the portrait of my character in the corner.
I took several area screenshots using puush to make this signature. I put it together using Photoshop CS5. I have screenshots of all of those weapon icons - they are interchangeable in the design to whatever your main jobs are. Unfortunately, shrinking this signature may require me to have to put less jobs on there as well as get rid of that nifty shadow effect of the signature.

EDIT: 02/13/2015

I have made a smaller version of the signature. This is actually the 2nd small version of this signature I have made, but after reviewing the requirements Suba has on its signature pictures, I was able to tweak it a little. Basically the only difference is the picture itself is slightly larger - allowing me to re-add the shadow effect.
If you would like a forum signature like this, please send me the following:
  • An in-game screenshot of your character's status window (or just a screenshot with it open)
  • A list of up to 6 of your main jobs (preferably in a ranking order)
  • Your server's name (if there is more than one)
  • Your guild's name (if applicable)
  • Anything you want in particular put on either the top or bottom text boxes (please be appropriate)
You can send me a message on here or on the DOMO forums (username Kirbychu). I can also take requests for the larger version if you plan to use it on another forum (since it is too large for Suba's).

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